PTS 8000

Flight Line Test Systems

To combat potential adversaries looking to develop increasingly advanced technologies to defeat modern aircraft, today’s fighters and upgraded electronic warfare (EW) systems on legacy fighters require advanced high fidelity radar threat and radar target simulators. This ensures that aircrew have the skills and knowledge they need to identify threats and take action that will ensure the safety of soldiers and costly assets, while also ensuring mission success.

Our PTS8000 Multi Spectral Test Set enables flight technicians to comprehensively check the operational status of platform defensive aid systems like ECM simulators with a battery powered handheld device, negating the need for costly and cumbersome simulation equipment being deployed to the flight line or hangar environments.

Threats to an aircraft come in all shapes and sizes and can operate over many parts of the electromagnetic spectrum channel. The PTS family of simulators provides flexibility, with the ability to provide flightline RF testers, flightline UV testers and flightline IR testers.

Key Features

First line testing of radar, UV laser warning receivers

Programmable over a wide range of parameters

Rechargeable battery with built in charger

Robust weather-proof case, controls and displays

Removable memory media

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