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JICC Extended Trainer (JET)

Train, test and diagnose complex tactical data link network operations

The JICC Extended Trainer (JET) is an advanced training solution that enhances joint operations and coordination in complex military scenarios. This cutting-edge simulator provides a realistic virtual environment for training personnel involved in joint command and control operations. With its immersive simulations and customizable scenarios, the JET system enables trainees to hone their decision-making skills, communication, and coordination abilities within a simulated joint-operational setting. This integrated suite of tools is designed to empower military personnel to adapt and react swiftly to evolving situations, thereby enhancing operational effectiveness and preparedness.

Key Features

ADSI based and will be very familiar to ADSI users

Command and Control planning — Create Mission Plans, generate Control Orders and visualize the battlespace

Training scenarios — Simulate live operational environments, develop and execute training scenarios

Operational training — Operator training occurs on operational systems that have simulated training data as well as Tasking and Control Orders received from the planning systems

Network management training — Train the Link 16 Network Manager to plan, manage and troubleshoot the TDL networks implemented by JTIDS, MIDS, STT, TTR and JTRS terminals

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