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The portable, rapid deployment solution for cost effective transportable testing and training

The PRS provides a cost-effective, transportable alternative test and training solution for helicopters, ships and low and slow transport aircraft applications. The PRS is available in 2 variants depending on level of test complexity desired.

PRS 1: A programmable system capable of single threat transmission which utilizes the COTS technology.

PRS 2: A programmable system capable of complex multi-threat transmission which utilizes the COTS technology featured in the RSS8000/CP.

Both of the above systems include a Portable Antenna System and 100W Amplifier module to generate the required RF power levels to enable short-to-medium range free space radiation at various platforms for training or for validation and verification applications.

Platform tracking is achieved by use of a HD video camera mounted on a motorized pan/tilt head controlled via an auto tracking software package, emitters can be switched on/off via the GUI.

Key Features

Portable for rapid deployment

2 GHz to 18 GHz coverage as standard, 0.5 GHz to 18 GHz optional

2 variants - single or multiemitter

Programmable over a wide range of emitter parameters

Free space radiating up to 5 km

Squadron level test & training asset

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Alan Meredith

Product Manager, EWST

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Chris Hart

Product Manager, EWST


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