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Connecting minds and creating possibilities

In a data-driven universe of expanding magnitude and evolving threats, achieving decision advantage demands intelligent, agile, and interconnected solutions. Our vision surpasses mere data generation or information clarity, as we pioneer end-to-end solutions across the sense-making chain, empowering warfighters to always maintain decision advantage.

How we innovate

By following a “mission-focused innovation” approach, Ultra I&C is able to truly understand our customers' most daunting problems and leverage that knowledge to engineer the precise technologies and solutions. Our commitment to transformation knows no bounds as we continuously propel forward, freeing up capacity to bolster our investment in groundbreaking research and development.

Ultra Labs

Ultra Labs, the hub for advanced concepts and emerging technologies. Our primary mission is to foresee the future needs of our customers, driving the rapid development of groundbreaking multi-mission solutions. Collaborating seamlessly with teams across Ultra I&C as well as other industry and academia leaders, we tirelessly research and develop cutting-edge solutions that allow our customers to stay one step ahead. 

ReMI partnership

For the past 4 years ReMI, a transformational institute located in Montreal, Canada, has been dedicated to pioneering Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology. Ultra I&C has partnered with the ReMI Institute to develop advanced technology for its tactical communications solutions. Through this partnership, Ultra I&C is able to tackle real-world problems by leveraging state-of-the-art programming techniques. 

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