Advanced Correlation & Tracking System (ACTS)

State-of-the-art sensor integration and real-time tracking in a single, customizable solution

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The Advanced Correlation & Tracking System (ACTS) is an advanced software solution that revolutionizes information correlation and tracking in complex environments. With its cutting-edge technology, ACTS seamlessly integrates data from various sensors, such as radar and cameras, and applies sophisticated algorithms to analyze and correlate the information in real time. This enables operators to have enhanced situational awareness and precise tracking of targets. ACTS empowers organizations to make timely and informed decisions, bolstering their operational capabilities and security measures.  

Key Features

Integrates seamlessly with ADSI

Real-time information provides time critical operational track data

Single Integrated Picture (SIP) integrates a wide variety of mobile and fixed sensors into a unified tactical picture

Tracking clarity achieves exceptional track picture clarity in the most challenging environments

Ease of use adapts easily to multiple mission configurations

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