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Rosetta Echo Advanced Payloads (REAP®)

Acquire the intelligence you need when you need it

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REAP provides full spectrum communication range extension, voice repeater and relay functions.

Designed for quick integration onto airborne payloads or wing stations via the REAP Pod, REAP provides full spectrum communication range extension, voice repeater and relay functions. Certified to TRL level 8 by the U.S. Air Force, we have provided advanced communication payloads for over 10 years.

The latest version of REAP includes Link 16 integration providing Low-Latency Tactical Data Link information to the warfighter in the air and on the ground allowing time sensitive targeting information to be easily transferred from the JTAC to designated attack aircraft. 

Key Features

Enhanced communications to cooperate with state, local and federal agencies – Integrates MANET, Civilian P-25 and military radios for seamless relay and bridging

ADS-B – Transmits aircraft position without impact to the existing onboard IFF transceivers

Link 16 – Transmits ownship J2.2 direct PPLI on LOS Link 16 allowing all network participants real-time situational awareness of the Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA). Transmits J12.6 Target Sorting on the “Fighter to Fighter” NPG with decreased latency allowing time sensitive targeting

Roadmap for future capabilities include – 4G LTE, military software defined radios, next generation navigation systems and advanced sensors

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