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Cognitive decision support for the connected warfighter

Establishing a network from the ground up in unfamiliar territory poses formidable challenges. Likewise, ensuring its continuous functionality and security can be equally demanding. Recognizing the need for simplified solutions, militaries seek technologies that streamline operations without introducing unnecessary complexities. At Ultra Intelligence & Communications, we are actively developing artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) technologies to enhance tactical network performance and alleviate operator burdens.

Practical and powerful

Our approach to cognitive-powered networks is to provide "under-the-hood" AI/ML technology to make straightforward and logical technical decisions very rapidly. Those decisions could include scaling back power on a radio to reduce electromagnetic signatures, automatically rerouting links to a better location, or switching frequency bands on the fly to react to jamming. 

On-the-move and resilient

AI/ML has been adopted across many industries and the benefits are clear. For military operators, it means networks that are more resilient—leading to better soldier survivability in keeping critical lines of communication open. It means having tactical networks that are less susceptible to congestion and being contested. It means having bandwidth when and where it is needed for that mission-critical uplink

Technological superiority

Networks of yesterday were static and immovable. Networks of tomorrow need to be highly flexible, adaptable, survivable and movable. They also need to be able to ‘sense’ and ‘react’ to threats, to create obfuscation and confuse enemy jamming. These reactions and interventions need to occur in seconds to be effective and occur faster than any human can react. This is where AI/ML can help to provide technical overmatch in tactical networking and to ‘weaponize’ smart networks against opponents.

AI-powered networks to support CJADC2

CJADC2 will provide a cloud-like environment for the U.S. DoD joint forces to share intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance data, transmitting across key communications networks, to enable faster decision making. For such an advanced network to function efficiently, technical decisions need to be taken in seconds to prioritize scarce bandwidth where and when it is needed most. AI/ML technologies for tactical networks from Ultra I&C can assist CJADC2 operators with automated and semi-automated interventions for information prioritization, managing information overload and optimizing available bandwidth. 

A holistic approach

A single radio solution can’t provide everything military forces need for a resilient, on-the-move network. It requires a complete network of connected solutions, including backhaul, edge and satcom solutions working together in concert. It requires a radio platform that can accept new software when it is needed as technology evolves and can function across a wide array of frequency bands and industry waveforms. It requires a provider that is looking at the challenges from a holistic perspective, rather than a pinpoint problem perspective. Ultra I&C is that provider.

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