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The premiere C2 gateway for CJADC2

ADSI is the premiere Command and Control (C2) gateway for U.S. and allied forces. Newly modernized, ADSI is built for seamless interoperability and enhanced mission effectiveness, offering best-in-class datalink translation with the largest number of datalinks and interfaces available in a single library

ADSI connects the global multi-domain battlefield by translating and sharing different communications protocols and coalition partner data sources, enabling joint and coalition interoperability and cohesion across multi-domain operations. 

Field proven, widely deployed for CJADC2

Coalition proven, ADSI is currently deployed in more than 35 countries, with 12,500 installations at 2,500 sites  around the globe. 
ADSI is specifically engineered to support Combined Joint All-Domain Command and Control (CJADC2) initiatives, enabling seamless coordination across concurrent, multi-theater support operations. 

ADSI is accredited to make sense of data and provides the business logic for a unified CJADC2 picture for users, prioritizing the right information for the user at the right time, through advanced data management, and robust filtering capabilities. The result provides the best common operating picture possible by cutting through data noise, enhancing situational awareness and enabling faster, more informed decision-making from the tactical edge to airborne systems and global operations centers.

Comprehensive integration

Newly upgraded for ease of integration, ADSI addresses the critical need for seamless US and allied forces. Paired with the new Unity Adapter facilitates seamless data integration, enabling the delivery of a cloud-based and on premise C2 and non-C2 containerized software application provisionable from a software factory to any environment. It does not require a large network infrastructure to support its operation. 

Exceptional scale and interoperability

ADSI is extensively scalable to over 200,000 concurrent, real-time tracks and supports over 100 data links, exceeding the needs of strategic and operational centers such as a CAOC or regional cloud. It can also scale down to a tactical level system such as an ATAK device or UAS Group 2 and above. The Unity Adapter also unlocks proprietary data sources at every level for accessible, seamless connectivity.

ADSI stands out in the CJADC2 field as a comprehensive solution for Interface Control Officer, original equipment manufacturer and system integrator communities, addressing modern defense operations' critical challenges to achieve unparalleled cooperation among coalition partners.

Ultra I&C stands at the forefront of continuous innovation with a distinguished legacy rooted in the development and enhancement of CJADC2 across domains. Our core mission is to ensure seamless connectivity across the battlespace, facilitating unparalleled cooperation among coalition partners.


  • Largest datalink library: ADSI offers the most extensive data link and interface library on the market, ensuring unmatched interoperability and data sharing capabilities.
  • Field proven and widely deployed: With over 12,500 installations in over 35 countries, ADSI has demonstrated unparalleled reliability and use in diverse operations.
  • Cloud enabled and containerized architecture provide exceptional scale: Extensive scalability to over 200,000 concurrent, real-time tracks and supports over 100 data links.
  • Comprehensive integration: The Unity Adapter enables seamless integration across various systems, providing a unified C2 picture that is crucial for multi-domain operations.
  • Cloud and tactical edge flexibility: ADSI’s containerized design allows deployment from the cloud to edge devices, including TAK devices, ensuring unparalleled flexibility across diverse operational environments.
  • Continuous Authority to Operate (cATO): ADSI is the only C2 gateway with an active cATO, enabling customers to quickly deploy the system into operational environments and ensure it remains cyber-secure.
  • Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) certified including digital air control: ADSI provides seamless interoperability and operational reliability across all services, ensuring trusted performance when it matters most.
  • Cost efficiency: ADSI offers tailored pricing to match customer funding, scale, and installation requirements, ensuring an optimal solution that meets diverse budgetary and operational needs.

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