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MAXAM Tactical

Symmetrical link encryption for maximum security

Introducing MAXAM Tactical by Ultra I&C—a robust hardware device addressing the critical need for secure military communications. This groundbreaking solution ensures compatibility with legacy modes, supports new standards, and seamlessly replaces the KY-100. MAXAM Tactical empowers military organizations to maintain trust routes and comply with international export regulations. Supported by Ultra I&C's UK Cyber team's cryptography expertise, it accommodates future algorithms, providing long-term investment protection. With its smart design approach and its form, fit, and function, replacement can be achieved seamlessly, minimizing rework costs and deployment delays.

Key Features

ITAR-free and made in the UK

Interoperable with legacy KY-100 & TSVCIS-ENABLED

Wideband voice & data traffic at 12 kb/s & 16 kb/s

Fully field-programmable

Secure voice/data bypass providing safety critical communications (including guard audio)

UK & NATO Key fill Interface compliant

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Mark Craster

Mark Craster

Campaign Lead

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