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Ultra celebrates Earth Day 2022

April 29 2022

It was truly inspiring to see so many members of the Ultra family volunteering into action for Earth Day 2022! Congratulations to the organisers and thank you to all participants around the world for their efforts!​

In Montréal, Québec, our Canadian businesses Forensic Technology (FT) and I&C’s Ultra Communications joined forces for a Spring clean-up of their neighbourhood at Technology park, to clear away waste dumped during the Winter. Their team effort contributed to the conservation of the area’s natural beauty, protecting wetlands nature area and sanctuary, one of Montreal’s premier bird-watching locations. Meanwhile in Florida, FT colleagues in Largo cleaned their office park and pond, keeping their eyes peeled for any friendly alligators!​​​​

Over at Maritime, a team from Sonobuoy Systems at Columbia City in the US State of Indiana participated in their new Adopt a Highway program to tidy a 2 mile road section. In Canada, a contingent from Sonar in Darmouth participated in a community clean up for The Great Nova Scotia Pick-Me-Up challenge, including a scavenger hunt to motivate all the volunteers!​

At Sonar Systems, David Jobling planted 105 trees (to add to his total of 5500 trees already planted) to create a hedge and wildlife corridor.​

I&C’s Cyber in Germanton, Maryland, adopted their Climate Promises, for the engagement of all employees towards the more sustainable life habits and environmentally-friendly actions, including greener transports, increased use of recyclable products, avoiding food waste and minimise plastic use.​

PCS invested in green infrastructures for their Manhattan, Kansas facilities with a new state of the art, efficient solar panels system to reduce their emissions by as much as 20%. PCS employees were also offered free seed bombs to plant some flowers and encourage bees to visit their gardens.​ They also distributed bee seed bombs and listened to Graham Webb, Quality Engineer and a keen bee keeper, talk about 'A Day in the Life of a Bee'.​

Finally, an Ultra team from Head Office in London, UK got together to collect waste alongside a local canal’s docking area and adjoining pedestrian path.

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