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FA-240 Antenna

A 2.4m flyaway antenna for multi-band transmissions

The FA-240 is designed specifically for any application requiring a compact, rugged, multi-orbit and multi-band antenna which is rapidly deployable with no tools. Its unique multi-band feed arm allows a change of frequency band in a matter of seconds simply by swapping out a quick release feed cartridge. The FA-240 can be fully motorized and when combined with the STC-100 antenna controller it can automatically acquire and track, even on inclined orbit satellites on GEO satellites and also provides make-before-break operation on MEO constellations. Its robust construction and compact size make it perfect for various applications, including military, government, and commercial sectors.

Key Features

GEO and MEO operation

WGS, Skynet, XTAR, Inmarsat and MIL-STD-810G certified

Intelsat/Eutelsat compliant for commercial bands

Multi-Band feeds – S, C, X, Ku, Ka (Civil & Mil), swapped in minutes

Only 2 cases <100kgs baseline

Assembles in less than 10 minutes

No tools required

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