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Archer™ family of troposcatter systems

Maintain reliable and secure communication links in any environment

Troposcatter technology is crucial for today's warfighter. It enables high-capacity long-range communication over the horizon without relying on satellites or ground-based infrastructure, enhancing operational flexibility and resilience, and allowing agile mission planning and response. Ultra Intelligence & Communications, renowned for its contributions to advanced telecommunications, offers the Archer family of state-of-the-art expeditionary troposcatter communications systems. Our cost-effective solution is designed to excel where other communication methods fall short.

Reliability in rapidly changing mission environments

Our troposcatter technology is a force multiplier, allowing operators to establish and maintain communication links beyond 200 kilometers with a single antenna. It leverages Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) to enable data capacity at market-leading throughput rates. The high-bandwidth, low-latency terminal offers a choice of interchangeable antenna systems and several diversity options, allowing customization of the Archer system to meet mission needs.

Enabling communications on the move, even in extreme conditions

The Archer family of systems pack into a minimal number of transit cases that meet weight-lift requirements and fit in common military vehicles, allowing troops to remain mobile and agile. Tool-less assembly and auto-alignment software ensure that the terminal is fully operational in less than an hour. Its ruggedized design enables reliable operation in diverse environments, ranging from arid deserts to maritime conditions or polar regions.

Resiliency and adaptability in contested settings

The solution is versatile, serving critical roles in fields from military engagements to emergency response, especially in scenarios where standard communication infrastructures are unavailable or inoperable. Enhanced with advanced encryption and anti-jamming features, our Archer troposcatter solution provides a robust, secure, and reliable method for transmitting sensitive information, adapting to troops in need of secure communications.

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Joe Thomas

Joe Thomas

Director, US Business Development

Dustin Tyo

Dustin Tyo

Chief Solutions Architect

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