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Remote Cryptographic Management System (RCMS)

Manpower reduction and improved operational effectivenss through remote re-keying

RCMS provides over-the-network rekey (black key) of COMSEC equipment at remote unmanned sites. Ultra I&C's Key Management (UKM) software controls central operation and distribution of multiple RCMs performing DS-101 key loads.

  • MIDS-LVT and MIDS-JTRS Link 16 radio support
  • Legacy and Block Upgrade 2 (BU2) black key formats
  • Intuitive mission planner allows for a single operator initiating vital tasks

UKM is a user-friendly mission planner enabling a single operator to perform the following important tasks: receiving key, zeroizing key locally and remotely, initiating rekey operations and providing a COMSEC account for the black keys: and managing several remote sites from the central site.

Key Features

Net-centric architecture with configurable equipment and modular user interfaces

Black key can be sourced from NSA

Reduces manpower requirements and improves operational availability

Uses industry standard communication protocols: XML, TCP/IP, HTTPS, SNMP

Available today for all MIDS JTRS and LVT family systems

Front crypto fill port allows “RED” ECU pass-through directly to terminals

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Evan Corwin

Director, Business Development


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